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Friday, August 11, 2006

The Most Disturbing News About Israel in Some Time.

Okay, I've been actively avoiding talking about the war in Israel. It's terrible and awful. Not just what is happening to our people, but what we are forced to do to protect our own. As Gold Meyer said "We can forgive them for killing our grandchildren, but we can never forgive them for making us kill theirs".

Now, having established myself as a Dirty Liberal Hippy, I'd like to link this article:

Cutting and pasting:

Pat Robertson Prays for Israeli Victory

JERUSALEM (AP) -- U.S. televangelist Pat Robertson said he joined hands Wednesday with Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert to pray for victory in Lebanon.

"I'm here to say I love Israel. I'm here to say evangelical Christians in America stand with Israel in their struggle," Robertson told reporters. "For all our sakes, they cannot lose this struggle."

The session in Olmert's office followed a tense six-hour meeting of the Israeli Security Cabinet, which decided to expand the monthlong ground offensive in Lebanon.

"I think the people of Israel understand where their friends are, and their friends are evangelical Christians," Robertson said.

Robertson said the struggle against Israel was part of a larger struggle against what he called "Islamo-fascism," and suggested that Iran was behind Hezbollah's initial attack on Israel on July 12 that triggered a massive Israeli response, trying to draw attention away from its nuclear program.

Robertson broadcast his show, The 700 Club, from the northern town of Metulla, which is surrounded on three sides by Lebanon. He said Katyusha rockets fell nearby while he was conducting an interview, and joked that his daughter thought it odd that her 76-year-old father went to a war zone to "get his kicks."

Let me repeat that bolded bit again:

"I think the people of Israel understand where their friends are, and their friends are evangelical Christians," Robertson said.

Okay, I'm going to say something that may earn me flak, but I'm going to say it:

With friends like you Pat, The Jewish People don't need enemies.

It's important to remember that we are, all of us, in Galut (exile), no matter where we live. Does anyone else recall what this Galut is called? Glaut Edom - The Roman Exile. Rome equals Christianity, folks.

Prior to the 20th century, Jews lived far, far better in Arab Rules lands than they did in Christian rules ones and that's when we were allowed to live in them at all.

An illustration:

When Napoleon conquered Egypt, he went to find the local Ghetto to free the Jews. It was his big photo-op that he did whenever he conquered a city. Know what? No-one in Egypt even knew what a ghetto was. They ended up taking him to the Great Synagogue of Alexandria, where he walked in on Tisha B'av services, but that's a story for another time.

My point? Historically Jews tended to fair far better under the Sword of Islam than under the Brotherhood of Christianity.

Even the current conflict can be blamed squarely on the Christian Nations of the world if we want to look at history. The US and USSR used the Middle Eastern nations as proxy sites with which to keep the Cold War a bit warmer than it would have been otherwise.

Even now, as Israelis are dying and Lebanon's innocents are caught in the middle of our quest to get to some truly horrid scum, Evangelical Christians are flocking to message boards to say how they hope this is a sign of the Second Coming and cheering as others die. It's sick.

Rav Aaron Solvetchik once reminded his talmidim that "Yishmael eventually does T'shuva [repentance], Essav never does."

Before we join hands with Edom, can we at least ask him to wash the blood off of it first?