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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Assumptions Over Fudge.

Last Motzie Shabbos I enjoyed two rare treats.

The first was a night out with my wife. As anyone with small children may know, getting grown-up time is always nice. This was doubly so, as a visiting relative "demanded" we go out and she would sit for our child. Free babysitting is, of course, the Best Gift Ever.

The second treat occurred on our "date" we went to a small cafe my wife had discovered. It was very good. They specialize in chocolates. I am quite a chocoholic (although I will not purchase Hershey or Nestle products for Human Rights reasons). This was a great place to me.

We decided to buy some chocolate for our visitor, as a way of saying "thank you". As I looked over the various confections (Including chocolate frogs. Not Crunchy ones though. Tch), I saw something that made my eyes bulge.

"Is that... fudge?"

"Why yes, it is."

"I... wow. I haven't had fudge since..."

"Since you became frum?"



I'm FFB. Yet for some reason, I seem to give people a BT vibe. I dunno, maybe it's the jeans, or the suede Kippah, or the fact I've had fudge. Anyone?

"Actually, not since Cowboy Fudge on Ben Yehudah closed when I was wee lad. I haven't been able to find Kosher Fudge since then."

I hope that was polite enough.

There's nothing wrong with being a Ba'al T'shuvah. Kal V'chomer, I wish I had half the commitment and emunah most BTs I know have.

Funny story, someone I know who works in Kiruv was once speaking. During his speech, he mentioned his childhood days with a certain prominent Rav. When he was done speaking, one of the organizers pulled him aside to tell him it was a wonderful speech, but he really shouldn't mention being childhood friends with said Rav, as someone might think the Rav is a Ba'al T'shuvah too.

Which he is. The speaker on the other hand, is Frum from Birth.

I so love assumptions!

Incidentally, the fudge was delicious A bit expensive, but hey, it was fudge.